After reviewing the Lion features, I have decided to hold off on the upgrade.

I have found out that Apple has decided to change my workflow of Spaces and Expose to such an extent that I don’t think I would like it anymore. My bigest gripe is that once you go into expose mode with multiple desktops you can no longer drag a window from one desktop to another, or a window from one monitor to another. I think this is a major step backwards in the use of these features. The new way is you have to go to the desktop with the window, pull up the expose and drag it to the one you want. This going back to where a window lives really gets away from the ‘command center’ style of the old way.

After talking with a few other people, the complaints about other significant commands such as ping no longer work as they should. This leads me to believe that OS X is starting to stray farther from it’s BSD roots and go down their own custom road. I am not really surprised  by this, we are talking about Apple after all. It does make tings rather difficult when you know a lot of the underlying UNIX commands and systems and now they are being changed to do their own non standard things.

I have also started to look at alternatives, however Fedora 15 has switched to gnome 3 which has some of the same problems as switching to Lion. They have overhauled the desktop to make it more frustrating to power users in order to try and appeal to the masses.  I know I could swap out the windowing system, but the fact that I have to do such a major change to keep the functionality I already enjoy in Fedora 14 make me rather not want to upgrade. I suppose this is akin to those people who never wanted to upgrade from windows XP to vista or even windows 7.

This all makes sense to me, humans don’t like it when our tools change. A sculptor does not swap out his tools that he is intimately familiar with for any new tool that comes along just because it is new. There must be a good reason for it and and increase in productivity after the new tool is learned. Those of us who use a computer for our daily tasks feel the same. I know exactly how to maximize my experience on the tool i have now, and I want to keep it that way. However I will use any new software or operating system if I feel it will help my daily tasks. If we did not have this ability to adapt new tools humans would still be banging rocks together.