I have moved all my stuff to a linode instance and installed the needed things to run my blog myself. I rather enjoyed setting it up and got to learn some stuff along the way.

I decided to go with a 512 instance on linode for a year, that way I save 10% and make my entire web hosting bill only $18/ month. That is less than half of the $40/month I was spending to just host wordpress at one host and a server that did nothing but sit there most of the time. This will also give me a place to play with technologies that I think are interesting.

One thing I do need to figure out is a backup strategy. Right now all my stuff is on one vps, and if anything happens to it my entire website goes down.

Linode offers an onside backup solution with four rotating snapshots for $5/month. The information can be found here. If I didn’t want to do that I would have to design some form of backup to sync stuff to my home network and have storage here to deal with it.

Either way all my stuff is now in one place and I can figure out the backups sometime soon. It’s not like any of my blog posts are critical to keep around anyway.